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by TopBusinessLeader | Jan 28, 2020 | Podcasts

If you’re like many of our listeners, you’re already a high-achieving leader or aspiring to be one. You’re most likely committed to making big contributions in business while gripping big success. But you’re not just looking for the typical ‘success.’ You also want success in other areas of life:

F-AMILY. Your relationships with family and friends.

F-ITNESS. Your health and intellectual growth.

F-INANCES. The ability to create your version of Freedom.

F-AITH. Your spiritual fulfillment.

F-UN. To be genuinely JOYFUL while LIVING LIFE fully.

The above 5-F’s impact your life and business greatly…

We call them ‘FoundActions™️’

We believe that a business owner’s strongest ‘FOUNDATION’ is built by taking Conscious and Meaningful ‘ACTIONS’.

These 5 Pillar ‘FoundActions™️’ are used successfully by Top Business Leaders across the world.

Your hobbies, passions, and interests.

Your legacy in the lives of the people around you.

Your forever success and complete JOY of living your LIFE to its full potential.

We call it, “Living Your Best LIFE by Your Design”

And that really matters.

Your Success in all 5 areas above improves the lives of everyone around you. Your team enjoys a more joyful, fulfilled leader. Your family rests assured that they’re No. 1 in your life. Plus you have the energy, creativity, and stamina you need to be your best at work and at home.

Become Crystal Clear About Your Purpose.

But there may be walls in your way, that block your clear vision?

Our leaders at TopBusinessLeader Podcast truly believe that our mission in LIFE is to help you become the best version of YOU by interviewing the very best business leaders around the globe.

We commit to asking the necessary questions while creating the right environment to deep dive into how these leaders have achieved success in all areas of LIFE.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are your environment…”

We Would Like To Formally Welcome You To The Most Powerful, Life Changing Experiences Created, Just For You.

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You probably want to live this vision of your life, but it feels like there’s no time for it.

You travel for work.

You miss your son or daughter’s soccer game. And, when you make the game, you’re constantly worried you’re missing something important at work.

We get it.

There are many top leaders that we know personally that busted through those walls. They tried so many things that completely failed first. However, their PAIN is your GAIN. We extract out of these leaders EXACTLY what worked for them and how YOU can model their success in your own LIFE.


Because the confused feeling that you’re shortchanging one priority to serve another never ends. You feel like there are 10 balls in the air and, too often, the most important ones—like your Family or Your Faith—get lost along the way.

Sound familiar?

We’ve been there, too

We know what it feels like to ‘be in over your head’ and sometimes your WANT of success is greater than your current ability to manage it, while still attending to the things that truly matter most.

For many years, we too struggled to balance it all. And much of our success came at the expense of our Family, Faith or our Fitness (health).

The turnaround for our leaders came when we realized the answer isn’t to make more money. Success is centered around JOY and we believe the extremely successful, HAPPY Leaders have BALANCE among their 4-F’s which has catapulted them to a high level that you too can create in LIFE.

It’s all about focusing on the right things like our interviews deep dive on with these highly successful global business leaders spreading more than 47 industries.

….and from our deep interviews with these highly successful business leaders, you will uncover how to choose powerful daily activities that complement your most important goals and priorities in your LIFE.

OUR lives will never be the same as we move forward interviewing some of the greatest HIDDEN gems (Business Leaders) in the world.

We continue to grow ourselves professionally. From building national insurance brands from the ground up, globally recognized coaching programs, to, we understand what it takes to be an industry leader. Our leaders have been featured in Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur and many other highly respected media outlets.

This isn’t some ‘black magic trickery,’ and we certainly are not superheroes. We’ve simply discovered a way to do more of what matters most and less of what doesn’t by surrounding ourselves with the most successful leaders on the planet.

Can we help you do the same?

Together with our team at, we help ambitious individuals become high achievers in life by connecting you with highly successful business leaders that have already ‘Figured It Out.’

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